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7 Things That Books Can Do For You

Friday, October 07, 2011

I love to read, that's something I can't live without. With time I discovered more than just a warm feeling whenever I picked up a book, I discovered  7 great discoveries . . .

1- Bon Voyage!
You get to visit places without actually moving a step, except if you are pacing around, then you get to see more than just your environment.

2- Happy holidays, every time.
 People know what to get you as a gift since you light up like a 100 watt bulb whenever its a book or "the book" that you were talking about for ages.

3- No more boring moments.
 You can smile, chuckle or sigh during dull moments and long trips by reading a book.

4- Bugs be gone!
 Very handy for shooing pesky bugs, just be careful not to get their sticky mess on it.

5- Here comes the Princess!
To have a walk fit for a princess, place a book on top of your head and practice walking.After countless attempts, you just might be good enough.

6-Arty Bookworm
 Your creative side is allowed to show itself whenever you decorate your book. Remember those blank pages just before the table of contents and after the glossary? Makes for a very good drawing space to showcase your doodling ( I think the publishers knew about this, no wonder they added such pages to books).

7- Adventure awaits in every shelf.
 You get to go exploring. Where you ask? The nearest library, thats where! Just go through the shelves, you might spy something amazing, something you had always wanted to know.

There! My really amazing discoveries that took me all my reading years to discover, that is 15 years, incase you were wondering. 

Whats the latest book you read? Do share. 

I just read Heidi, but thats another story for another post, keep your eyes on this blog for the review.

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