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Book Review: Heidi

Monday, October 10, 2011

As promised in my older post, here is the review of Heidi, the book I read recently. Now It was one of the first read-it-yourself books I recollect enjoying during my childhood, so It brings back a lot of memories. Hope you enjoy reading this review.

What is it about?
Heidi was written by Johanna Spyri, a Swiss author in 1880 so this makes it a classic. 
It tells the story of a little orphan girl's life in her mountain home in the Swiss alps with her grandfather, Peter the goat-herd, his mother and grandmother.
As the story progresses and Heidi is sent to live in Germany with another young but handicapped girl, she meets more people and forms deep bonds with them.
But the desire to go back to her mountain home and run free in the beautiful valley and the thoughts of those she had left behind becomes stronger everyday, until finally her wish comes true and she is sent back.
The story takes interesting and captivating turns as everything is set right and happiness shows all around.

Why I liked it.
I love happy endings, especially those in which every main character has a fair share of it.
Heidi truly kept me hooked at every page and I was very much surprised how the story turned out. Because it had been years when I first read it, most of the story was foggy in my mind and I didn't remember the ending, the suspense was still intact all through the story.
The author did a great job in describing the settings of the story, you can easily picturize and savor everything that Heidi saw and felt.

Who will love it?
Pretty much everyone will love this tale because its well written, has lots of suspense, the characters are well-developed and the best part is the ending. 

Final thoughts.
All I want to say is, next time you are looking for something light and refreshing, don't forget to pick up Heidi, you won't regret it, unless you hate a classic story with cheerfulness sprinkled in between.
If you have already read Heidi, share your thoughts below by commenting! 

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