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Sunday, October 09, 2011

There is an exception to every rule, no doubt about that, but one theory that holds true most of the time is that:
‘People whose world, no matter how big, that revolves around food have little room for anything else’

I have seen lots of folks, young and old, spend so much time tasting,dreaming and talking about foods, that they do not care what else happens around them, as long as the food is good!

On the other hand, there are others who do not have a proper meal a day due to reasons that cannot be explained, often for a long period of time. Yes, such people exist, and yes, we are not doing enough to help them

I feel that every aspect of our lives should be in moderation, be it work, exercise, rest and obviously, the number one thing people find comfort in when upset: food.

Most fad-diets and millions of “how to lose weight” articles will disappear. Which means more room all around us for discussing important stuff such as providing food for those who truly need it: the malnourished and the poor.

The solution?
Easy, lets just take a look at our daily diet and come up with solutions to prevent wastage, spoilage and over-eating. the world will be a much better place if a simple thing as food was distributed fairly.
Also, here is a site I found for food lovers to help with the issue of wasteage, have a look if you are interested in making a difference.

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