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Odds And Ends? Keep'em, Don't Trash'em!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Yup, that's the best advice you can ever get if you love to make crafts. You never know when that piece of  cardboard, empty jar, cloth scraps or bottle tops will come in handy.

It probably wouldn't occur to you right then what to do with it, but it will make itself useful in one form or the other.
- Start by getting a box, a drawer or any storage space.
- Whenever you spy something thats too good to be thrown away, toss it into whatever you want to keep it in.
- If you are the organized type, then arrange all that you collect into groups, for example paper at one place, plastic in another etc . . . That way, you know where to find what you want quickly.

For a more detailed look at different types and decorative features of a craft box, Mark Bronze from hubpages has a very interesting article here.
Who knows you might like collecting stuff so much, it could be a hobby in itself. 
Do you plan on collecting odds and ends or are you already in on this? What are some useful things to collect? Let us know  so we  can all start collecting that too!

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