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I ♥ Lists - A review of scribbless

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lists form part of my daily routine. I am either updating a list, checking things off it, or starting new ones. Since most of my time is spent on my computer and online, sticky notes don't really work for me, unless I want all my walls covered in them!
So I searched for a list-maker and scribbless caught my eye due to its simple yet effective features. Now I can list away without fear of losing them. 
One more thing about scribbless is that you can share the lists with friends, make them public or for your eyes only.
All it takes is one quick sign-up (don't be scared, I hate lengthy sign-ups too, but this took no longer than a few seconds, honestly).
So next time you want to note down stuff, head over to scribbless and scribble those thoughts down!
Hope this short review helped. If you have any other website that made your life easier, I would love to know. Just leave a comment below.

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