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S.O.S (Save Our Skin): Five ways to brighten up dull skin.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Whichever skin type or colour you have, a time may come when you get worried because instead of radiant, soft skin, all you can see is dull, really tired-looking skin.
Here’s where a few minutes of additional skin care works miracles. I know this because I have been there and trust me; it didn’t take a lot of hard work to get what I craved.

So what are the timeless tips? Well, let’s read on, shall we?

Tip # 1: Scrub it up!

Even though you may cleanse your skin very well, it doesn’t mean the old, dead skin gets wiped away completely too. Nope, it needs something tougher than that: scrubbing one to three times a week.
You can use store-bought scrubs or make some at home; the internet is full of great recipes for every skin type. There are also brushes made specially for scrubbing.Some people say it works for them, but since I haven't tried it, I can't say whether it works or not.
Note: According to many sources, those battling acne should scrub only with baking soda mixed with water to form a paste. Other scrubs might irritate the skin because of all the breakouts. I wrote other stuff here that really work for such people.

Tip # 2: Moisturise like there is no tomorrow.

Okay, so after all that scrubbing; don’t forget the skin needs to be pampered a bit. In comes every skin’s desire: a moisturiser. Basically, you just slather on a bit and that makes a world of difference.

Tip # 3: Wear a mask.

I don’t mean a Halloween mask; dull skin is scary enough to frighten anyone.  I would recommend any one of these at least once a month. Even if you are the most busiest person alive, you should be able to fit this in, after all it’s for the sake of your largest body organ (your skin, I mean)
Store bought:
  • Mud mask (dry skin might not react well since this can be a bit drying)
  • Peel-off mask (removes the old layer of skin revealing a fresh one, good for all types of skin)

  •  Egg mask (read how an egg does the trick here)
  • Mushy masks: mash any of these up and apply: avocado, papaya or banana mixed with a bit of milk or honey. Rinse after a few minutes.
  • Yoghurt: Apply to skin and rinse after a few minutes.
  • Aloe Vera gel: Scoop a bit out and apply generously. Don’t forget to rinse just like all the other masks.

Tip # 4: Spritz away!

During the day, especially when you have makeup on, the skin might feel or look thirsty. A sprayer bottle filled with either rose water, plain water or the famous mac fix plus can save your reputation. Spray all over your face and gently press the skin with a tissue or cosmetic sponge to help the skin soak it all up.

Tip # 5: Water works…

Not only to help flush out toxins that can make you look tired and worn out, but also to keep your skin hydrated and elastic. You will not need to search for the fountain of youth for years to come, if you just remember to drink water loads of times a day (after all, the fountain of youth also contains water, right?)
So before another person comes your way to tell you how good water is for you (there are plenty out there, especially on the internet. Almost every celeb or beauty guru raves about water). So don’t forget to take along a bottle of water whenever you are out and about.

And there you have it, five tips all taken care of. If you still have any questions, suggestions, or an s. o. s. situation where you need help, just leave a comment below and I will surely reply.

~ Have a beautiful new year!

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