5 Must-have Hair Tools.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rapunzel's basket contained all these!

The secret to creating all hairstyles, apart from patience, is having the right tools. Now I don't mean you should go out and but expensive styling equipment, but just get the basic ones which celebrity hairstylists use, most of them listed below.

1. Bobby pins (hair grips):

The most common hairpins you can find, they are the best solution to creating a tight bun or up-do, pining back your fringe, making a French twist and so much more.                                           
With different sizes, the smallest ones are used for small pieces of hair such as the fringe whilst the big ones are for holding and locking lots of hair in place. 

2. Hair tie:
Used alone or with hair pins, you can create lots of hairstyles, ranging from daily, casual one to truly elegant and breath-taking ones. Black and brown blend well if you have dark hair. But for funky hairstyles, coloured ones look much better. I prefer the ones without any metal part to them since they do not damage hair when used to create buns and ponytails, but those with metal parts work fine with braids since you won’t be using them very near the crown.Here are pictures of both hair ties:

3. A headband:

A headband is one of the hottest hair accessory for quite some time now. With feathered, beaded and woven headbands, a simple outfit suddenly gets a new life.
Not just their aesthetic value, but headbands are useful too. Wear them when doing or removing your makeup to keep hair out of your face.
During a busy day when your beautiful locks are more of a hindrance than a blessing, just pull on the band and you are good to go without the hassle of sweeping the hair out of your sight every 10 seconds.
All in all, a definite must –have.

4. A tail comb:

Basically there are many forms of tail combs, such as rat, metal and five metal tail combs. 
You can use the front part to tease hair and comb through a finished hairstyle for a sleek look. Whilst the tail part is used to arrange hair or if you need to lift any section of your hair, then this also works very well.

5. Wide toothed comb:
 Different people have different combs or brushes they use daily.  But one hair tool I would recommend is a wide toothed comb. They can be used on damp hair unlike brushes which are a definite no-no. They also help de-tangle hair easily, after which you can use any other comb or brush.
 So next time you go shopping, keep your eyes out for these inexpensive but very useful hair tools.

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