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The “how girly am I?” quiz!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who’s the girliest one of all?
Ready to find out where you stand? Answer the questions below, count how many yeses you can get, then find your ranking below!

1) You love to accessorise your belongings with your own stamp of identity, like little hearts, butterflies, your name etc.

2) There is always at least one thing you wish you could change about yourself, like your height, your features or the fact that you can't speak in front of a crowd.

3)  You know the difference between a foundation and a concealer plus you can even talk non-stop about them if you were given the chance.

4) Whenever you buy something you had wanted for ages, you pore over it so many times a day; it gets stuck in your memory.

5) You agree with the saying "beauty is pain", especially when you get eyebrows done or taking off your nail polish.

6) You firmly believe the colour pink can never go out of style.

7) You observe and comment on celebrity style and trends with friends.

8) You carry a mirror in your purse whenever you go out, along with a lip product and tissue.

9) You know that having a fun personality is your best style item, since it draws people to you.

10) You know lots of beauty tips by heart, and you love to share them with others.

Results (Keep your fingers crossed or have some chocolate!):
10-8: Wow! You go girl! 
7-5: Just a little bit more work and ta-da!
4-2: You get the big picture, now put some more effort in to it.
1-0: Are you sure you are on the right blog? It says “All things girlish”. LOL


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