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I ♥ 'DUMMIES' series of how-to books

Saturday, January 21, 2012

When most people hear the word 'dummies' and that too in the title of a how-to book, I am pretty sure they will have second thoughts before picking it up and reading. After all, not everyone likes being called a dummy.

But after going through the first one to catch my eye, 'Water Painting for Dummies', I found how wrong we can sometimes be. Remember the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover?' Keep that in mind whenever you are about to venture into what lies within those pages.

'For Dummies' is an instructional/ reference series of books with over 1,600 published titles ranging from  topics such as food, computers, hobbies and crafts, sports, languages and so much more. To explore all that they have, visit their official site here. 

With introduction, step by step instructions and tons of tips and ideas strewn throughout every book no matter on what subject, it’s truly a must-have for beginners as well as those with lots of experience who just want to perfect what they already know.

Next time you go book hunting, watch out for that signature yellow and black book covers with the word ‘DUMMIES’ written in large, yellow font.
Hope you found this review useful and will hopefully explore this world and have as much fun as I did.
<<<<By the way, I really loved 'Happiness For Dummies', really brought a smile and a few giggles a long the way>>>>

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