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For Bloggers:Why you should use disqus.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When I started my blog, I spent a lot of time trying to use the best widgets and gadgets. When it came to commenting, I noticed many bloggers using disqus on their blogs, so naturally I browsed around, trying to understand what it was about.

Since I liked how it looked on their site here, I added it to my blog and have loved it ever since. 
For me, the biggest advantage is that, readers who comment receive notifications in their mail box whenever I or another person replies to them. Unlike the simple comment system, where once you comment, you have to go back to see whether the blogger has replied or not, this is very convenient.
Whew! Explaining techy stuff is not at all my cup of tea, so I googled and found a helpful where the blogger gives 25 reasons why you should use disqus. Hopefully, this article is able to convince you to start using disqus if my 'words' above weren't able to.
Do let me know once you start using disqus and your thoughts when you first used it. 
See ya in another post!

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