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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love/hate reading? This app is for you (yes even if you hate reading!)
There I was yesterday, a self professed I-never-get-bored gal who was truly bored and tired. All I wanted to do was read, but every book at home, I had read from cover to cover.
The idea of visiting the library appealed but it was like the hottest day ever yesterday.
What can a poor book worm do???
Well, that's when my mind went to work and fished out an idea.

I remembered quite some time ago, I got hooked to this mobile app 'Wattpad'. I read so many books on my mobile that it was ridiculous. Wherever I went, out came the jokes e-book and my friends will be rolling with laughter all over the place ;) 
I was addicted then and I renewed my addiction yesterday by downloading it again for my new cell. And what a joy! Finished a whole joke book! So that's why I said in the beginning even if you hate reading you must have this, because I know even book-haters love jokes and there are many fun and humorous books out there.

How to get 'Wattpad':

-It has its website here, where people publish their stories for you to read according to genre. Now not everyone's work will be perfect except for really good, best-selling authors. So don't blame me for any grammatical errors! 

- All phones with Java support it as well as all smart phones. Google the specifications of your mobile if you are not sure whether it has Java or not.

-Download directly to your phone by Goggling ' Wattpad' with your phone's OS. For example, 'Wattpad android' for android phones or 'wattpad Java' for Java phones. This way, you won't download something incompatible, which could have led to lots of angry feelings from you to me :(  That's how I did mine :)

-After downloading the application, you can then search for books according to category or name. When you find what you want, you can read a few pages to see how good it is, and then download the full book to read offline or when you don't have access to the Internet especially when travelling in low network areas or you can just read online without downloading, whatever works best for you :)
Okay, that's about it (I think). Any additional details I remember later, I will come back to update. Till then check out this handy little thing and leave any questions or comments just like the good readers you all are :)

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