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Snack in a snap!- Fruit Salad

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Now you probably have images of salted crisps, cookies or pastries when you hear the word 'snack' but I assure you nothing is more healthy at that moment than a bowl of cool fruit salad that you can make yourself.

What you need:
- A mixing bowl
- A knife
- Fruits ( I usually go with bananas, an apple, papaya, pineapple or even watermelon and an orange/s, you can use any one of these plus the orange/s)
- A pinch of salt
- A little sugar

The super quick method:
- Cut the fruits you will be using up in slices and set them aside, except the orange. Cut that rather in two and squeeze out the juice into the mixing bowl.
- Add a pinch of salt into the juice. Also add in the sugar to stir. This gives you a syrup-y juice to slurp on.
-Toss in the fruits, mixing well. Now you can refrigerate for a while or go ahead and eat at this point.
And that's all there is! I find this recipe very useful because it allows you to eat multiple fruits at once which we are sometimes to lazy to do.
So try this out and let me know whether you liked it.


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