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It's never too late to save the world!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We can make a difference!

     My post today is something I want to draw everyone's attention to. Sometime ago when I first heard about drastic measures being taken by the U.S. as well as European governments to change the internet as we now it now, I itched to do something about it.

     That's when I found a site that allowed you to do exactly that: stand up for what you believe.
     This site, Avaaz, is a global community of people, with the common goal of making this world a better place for all.
     All it takes is a signature on the various petitions available, which then puts the relevant authorities on their toes to act. 
     Think about it, in this technological age, everyone can be involved in bringing about change no matter who or where you are.
     So lets all take advantage of that and if you have an issue requiring local, nation or international attention, you can create a petition of your own!
Please help support these petitions that need immediate attention:

Protection of Muslims in Myanmar

Stop the African hunger games

     Please spread the word and thanks for reading till the end.

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