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Bronzer- Yay or nay?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bronzer is one of those makeup items whose effects are subtle,
yet can take a makeup look to a whole new level.

It's my belief that our face has dimensions, therefore when we put foundation on,
the contours of our face should not be masked.That's where bronzer comes in. 

See how bronzer gives Lauren Conrad's face a pretty glow?

 I prefer matt bronzers to the shimmery since the shimmer tends to look overdone unless you are going for a glamorous, shimmery look. 
Also too orangey or dark bronzers are a no-no. So when shopping for bronzers, choose shades that will not blend right into your complexion (what's the use if it's the same color as your skin?) or shades that stand out too much, it will look like a stripe of brown on your face, not cool at all!

See what I mean by orangey or too darker bronzer?  Never make
this mistake!

  Here's a video on how to apply bronzer by Tiffany, check out her YouTube channel here:

So is bronzer a yay or a nay for you? Comment below with the name of your holy grail bronzer, tips or questions.

*Image source: Google images*

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