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Top 5 You Tube Makeup Channels

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So I have been meaning to do this post for quite some time now but things get in the way. Not today.
The reason for this post is people asking from where I learnt a certain makeup look or hairstyle. This has happened so many times that I finally decided write a short post on it.

With regards to makeup , hairstyles and random style tips, You tube has and will always be my best friend. I will be sharing with you all the amazing makeup gurus that I learnt so much from!

Let’s get started:
)      Bubzbeauty:

 The first guru ever I discovered was Bubz. She not only does makeup, but teaches simple quick hairstyles for beginners. I love her tips because she keeps it real and her looks are very wearable.

 I love her easy yet useful videos. She teaches different makeup looks for various occasions.
3      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  
     Annie Jaffery:

  Annie not only teaches amazing makeup looks that we will see celebrities wearing but also teaches how to maintain a healthy body through healthy eating. I love how she not only cares about her looks but also her wellbeing.
4          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  
      From head to toe:
Jen is the beauty guru behind this channel. She teaches very cool hairstyles and makeup looks. I love her style because she breaks everything down into simple steps for beginners.
     Michelle Phan:

When you talk about makeup and Youtube, the first name that many people mention is Michelle Phan, she is so professional and her videos reflect that. She teaches not only the basics of makeup but also advanced ones such as dressing up as various characters.

My next post will cover hairstyle gurus, so be sure to wait for it! Cheerio~

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