Top 5 You Tube Hair Channels.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hello there!

Like I promised in my previous post, here's a list of hair gurus on You Tube that have made my life so much easier when it comes to hair styling. 
The hairstyle in the photo above is the waterfall braid, something I am currently trying my hands at!
To become a pro with a certain kind of hair do or style, the rule of thumb is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE some moreDon't expect to be great at the first try!


Bebexo is awesome in coming up with new, creative hairstyles. Her celebrity inspired hair tutorials are amazing, do check her out!
 Bebexo's channel.

Luxy Hair:

This channel is by two sisters, Layla and Mimi. They cover basic to advanced kinds of hair tutorials that are very easy to understand and follow. 
 Luxy Hair's channel.

Cute Girls Hairstyles:

This channel is one of the first ones I ever went to when learning how to style my hair. It's run by a family. Mindy, the mother, does her daughters' hair whilst the father films the tutorial. I find that really cute. They have all come a long way, with six children, the eldest being a set of twins and the youngest two are adopted. 
So if you want to learn hairstyles for not only yourself but for younger girls as well, this is the first place to go to.
Cute girls hairstyles channel.


This hair guru is great at creating wavy and curly hair styles without curling irons or any kind of heat tool. I have tried a lot of her hairstyles and they all came out fantastic!
Beautyklove's channel.

Lilith moon:

Her hair styles are glamorous and great for occasions where you want to look your best. I am always amazed at how talented she is! 

Lilith Moon's channel.

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