Pink Fireworks Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hi everyone!
This is my first ever makeup tutorial and I am super excited to be sharing one of my most worn eye makeup combos: pink+ purple with a hint of white shimmer with you all! This look reminds me of fireworks hence that's what I named it.
Since this look is not too glamorous or too plain, it can be worn during the day and at night as well.

Below are the colors used with the corresponding step numbers.
Let's get started!


1.Prep and prime your eye lids with concealer and primer .
2.Apply a wash of pink eye shadow across the entire upper lid (the color is used has hints of light shimmer in it but turns almost matte once applied), blend lightly into the crease to give the crease a hint of color.

3.With a flat brush, pat on white shimmery eyeshadow halfway across the lid.
4.You can then apply this eye shadow on the lower lid as well or use a white shimmery pencil like I did.

5. Take an angled brush and apply a purple shimmery eye shadow on the lower lids, making it lighter as go towards the inner corner.
6. Now line the upper eyelid with black eye shadow, eye pencil or liquid/gel eyeliner and gently bring the line down to touch the purple liner.

7. Darken a little of the purple liner on the lower lid with the black to create depth. 
8. Use a white eye pencil on the water line to make the eyes look bigger.

9. Use a Q-tip moistened with foundation or liquid concealer to wipe away any fall outs.
10. Finally apply mascara to the upper lashes.


There you have it! A pink fireworks inspired look! Hope you liked it.

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