Guest Post: Review Of Maybelline XXL Pro Volume Mascara

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I am really excited about today’s post since it is a review by a very good friend of mine, Shai Shafiq. She loves makeup a lot so read her review to find out more about one of her favorite products!


Hello everyone, 
I am Shai and for a long time now, my lashes hadalways been a big concern for me. I had tried so many mascaras but I always ended up being disappointed. Finally I found something that works just like I wanted! You need to know about my HG mascara, the Maybelline XXL PRO Volume. 

The product claims to:
- Thicken your lashes 11 times their size through a 2-step process.
Thats a pretty huge claim, lets see how this worked for me!

My thoughts: 

As I moved on from mascara to mascara, I tried the Maybelline XXL pro volume on their counter and it looked like it just might be the one. I noticed  that my lashes were thicker and longer. My sister agrees with me too! 
This mascara has two wands and it is a 2-step process for best results. Step 1 has primer that you use after curling your lashes in order to hold the curl, this will give length and volume to your lashes. It has fibers in it for this purpose whilst step 2 coats the lashes with color and completes the process.
This is how the product and wands look like:

To give you an idea about the huge difference it makes to my lashes, here is a before and after picture in which I have applied both steps:

What I like about the Maybelline XXL PRO Volume mascara is:
  • The wands do not have too much space between the bristles, this ensure maximum length and volume.
  • It lengthens and provides volume without clumping
  • Lashes stay soft even though it has a dry formulation
  • It is a water-proof mascara and it stays put in summer
  • People with short and light lashes will love this mascara
  • It is matte and the blackest black you will ever come across
There is nothing bad that I can say about this mascara, I give it full marks and would recommend everyone to try it out!

Thanks to Maila for her help, this is my first guest post ever and I hope you all enjoyed reading it!

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