Summer Skin Care Love- Ponds Flawless White Day Cream

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hi Everyone!
So, I am aware that summer will be over soon and that this review should have been written earlier but I have a good, logical explanation: I discovered the awesomeness of this product just some weeks ago! Sure, I bought this product before summer started, big mistake, my skin didn't really enjoy it at that time. But now, in summer, it's a totally different story. Let's get to the product details and then my personal experience:
What it looks like:

Boxed in a stylish pink and silver cover the actual cream is inside a glass jar with a pink plastic head. The jar remind's me of those magical genie lamps. I do make a wish whenever I apply this cream- that my skin becomes flawless!

Inside the jar, the cream is just a hint of pink in color, it doesn't look that smooth maybe due to the formulation but it absorbs nicely into the skin once you apply and gently message with fingers. Since it is a day cream, SPF is a must and this cream has an SPF of 18. I would still apply sunscreen just in case I intend to spend quite some time outdoors for extra protection. 

Here's the best part of the review which includes my personal experience. If you have skin like me (combination), then summer means: more oiliness which equals shiny face and visible pores, yuck! I switched my skin care routine to fit the season but during the day, my skin still showed signs of oil surfacing because of the high temperatures. 

So one hot day, I came across this forsaken cream lying amongst my face products and it hit me! This cream had a drying effect when I tried it in the colder months which means it had mattifying properties hence oil-control! Yes! I then started applying a bit every morning after cleansing my face and boy, it did help keep my skin relatively less oily throughout the day. In fact, the first few hours, it made my skin appear brighter, minimized pores and softened the texture. 

The proof that this cream does brighten face is that whenever I apply, my husband remarks that my skin is brighter!! I smile innocently and bat my lashes at him since he is not aware of this addition to my routine and I don't intend to divulge! So if my husband notices a difference then surely there is a difference ^.^

This cream can work as a mattifying primer too since it is not drying yet helps keep oily skin at bay. With all the good properties of this cream, I can say it has lived up to it's hype!
Would I recommend? Definitely, but for the summer months only. Winter skin will require something more moisturizing.
So long story short, You might like it if:
  • You have skin that gets oily during summer
  • You require a makeup base that will help mattifying and make foundation last long
  • You want a day cream with SPF
You should skip this if:
  • You have dry skin
  • You are looking for a moisturizing cream
  • You intend to apply at night
Hope you enjoyed my review! What is a staple in your summer routine? Comment below cos I would Love to know! (Yeah, I rhymed!)
Until my next post, take care!

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