I Don't Want To Step Outdoors!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hey Girls!
So I went on a mini-vacation over the weekend. The weather was sunny and beautiful yet my retreat became a nightmare during that time. My skin which had behaved quite well for some months suddenly went haywire.
It's was therefore no rocket science that I figured the cause out: the outdoors hated me (or my skin, to be specific!). Every time I spend consecutive days outside, this happens: I get a few breakouts, my skin turns a dull color and also it loses it's smooth texture. I then have to look for remedies and tips to get my skin back on track. I shudder to think about those girls who have to go out each day, every day. Considering myself lucky that I work from home, I still wish that for times when I head out, I don't have to come back home and peer into the mirror, lamenting at the sorry state of my skin.

Sure, sunscreens are great but they protect against only the sun's rays. What about all the other bad stuff floating around? In today's time and age, pollution is everywhere in the form of fumes from engines, dust from building sites, as well as other toxic chemicals. All these are very much present and they take a visible toll on my skin. I even fear premature aging due to this since I read that air pollution can cause the skin to lose collagen faster, thus hastening the onset of wrinkles and sagging skin!  

It's easy to flush toxins out of the body with certain anti-oxidant rich foods but the problem is how do we treat the superficial damage to our skin from air pollution? It's obvious that we need something topical to protect and rejuvenate the skin whenever it is exposed to such pollutants.

With the rise of air pollution in our towns and cities, there will come a time when even us the youth will look much older than our age. Now that is very troubling! Are you also on the same bandwagon as me? Do you also face this same skin issues? Let me know in the comments below, we could both share a tissue!

Take care for now!

Lots of love,

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