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Makeup Mistakes to Avoid- Personal Anecdotes Included!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hi there Dolls!
Today is confession time. Yes, I am going to come clean about some *ehem* very embarrassing makeup moments and what I learnt from them. Let's be honest, whenever we start something, it takes practice to get it right and the period between practice and perfection is tough! I am by no means a professional when it comes to makeup. Heck, I still struggle with getting the perfect flick with my eyeliner. However, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes as well as the mistakes of others! So I thought of sharing a few makeup don'ts. I am your friendly neighborhood blogger, after all :D 

Let's begin, one mistake at a time!
Makeup Mistake #1: It's All About that Base

Do yourself a favor and never buy foundation without testing it out first. Even a shade lighter or darker can make your face appear clownish or muddy. I should know, my first foundation was too pinkish yet I thought that was how it was supposed to look, all pink and girly :D Not a pretty look! 
So, head over to a foundation stand and critically examine swatches in order to find the best match. Experts suggest to apply foundation to your jawline not the back of your hand since our hands and face can have different shades. If you can't find your shade in one brand, try another. Don't give up and settle for a color that you think might work. For a better understanding of foundations, do read this article. The experts will teach you how to get the best foundation for your skin tone as well as how to apply for a flawless look! And they do a better job at explaining than I do. 

Also, concealers can be a tricky part of getting the perfect base. I will not bore you further with my ramblings but I did found something that helped my concealer struggle become less stressful! Can I just say, I totally adore Lauren Conrad and she gives pretty wicked makeup advice! From acne blemishes to dark circles to scars, this article on her site has you all covered. 

Makeup Mistake #2: The Eyebrow Dilemma

Once upon a time, there was a young Maila. In the budding years of her makeup journey, she was introduced to the concept of tweezing. One day, her mum was too busy so she decided to take matters into her own hands and do-it-herself eyebrows. Needless to say she got tweezer-happy and the end result was eyebrows like this (why tell, if I can show?)-

Disclaimer: This isn't me, I simply googled "eyebrows far apart". Apparently, it's a common mistake people seem to make.

Story is not over yet, so to hide her mistake, she took a black eye pencil and drew the missing part of her brows. Again, she overdid it and let's just say it was a sad, sad day for her! How I wish I had gotten a brow kit or decent brown eye pencil for my birthday, would have helped me save face. Oh well, I gifted those things to my self when I found out about their existence :D

Moral of the story: Over-plucking brows can make you look funny, filling brows heavily can make you look cray-cray. To avoid that, read and bookmark this article. It has tweezing advice, eyebrow shape tips as well as how to fill in eyebrows. I just wish I had known of this before, that awkward monster brow phase would have never existed in my life :(

Makeup Mistake #3: Face Contour Mystery

Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks? Bronzer underneath and highlighter above? Easy, right? Wrong! Every face has it's own shape, hence to bring out the best, we need to be careful of where we place all three products. 
One day, I realized my favorite coralista blush wasn't looking as  good as it used to. I picked up the product on my finger, sniffed it and swatched it. It wasn't expired. Then I realized,I was applying it to the wrong parts of my cheeks, hence it looked unflattering. So I quickly googled how to apply blush for round face shapes and voila! The results were just how I wanted! So ladies, find out your face shape here, then head over here to read how to contour according to your particular type.

Makeup Mistake #4: Lips don't lie

For a lot of people, their first makeup item they tried as a child was lipstick. It was too difficult to resist that tube which revealed something so colorful when twisted. Simply taking a lipstick and swiping it over the lips won't grant you red carpet lips, so I have seen. Quick lipstick don'ts, never go for that decades old trend of using a dark lip liner and a lipstick from a totally different color spectrum. It got outdated for a good reason, nothing flattering about that. Keep lip liners in the same shade as the lipstick. Also, exfoliate lips and keep them hydrated with a good lip balm so your lipstick does not settle into those annoying cracks. Oh and not every lipstick shade is for everybody, no matter how yummy or tempting the color seems. I am saying this from experience, I recenlty learnt not to go gaga over every pink lipstick that I see. It so happened that I bought a really nice lipstick last year, the swatch looked gorgeous on my hand so I got it. Big mistake! That pink was just too cool for my warm skin tone, now it sits among the rest but hardly used at all :( 
To prevent you from making the same mistake, I found a really nice guide on choosing the right lipstick for your skin tone, be a darling and check it out. It might save you from possible sleepless nights.

I think I will end it here and not listen to my logical left brain which is screaming at me to add a point number 5. That ain't happening leftie, I have already revealed too much :P 
So it's your turn now to share YOUR makeup mishaps. Don't be shy and leave me a comment ( I really need to feel someone else has gone through this, really hate been the odd one out).


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