Summer Skin Care Faves

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello Dolls!
Summer is really and truly here and when thinking of what to blog about, it hit me that I had never really done a post on my skincare routine! So today is all about sharing my most-loved and tried skincare products for this hot season,

Just a little bit of background information, I have combination skin which means parts of my face can get oily whilst parts can remain horribly dry. So finding the right products is all about trial and error. Thankfully, I don't have acne breakouts anymore like I did during my teens. So for me, skincare is all about keeping the skin hydrated, soft and glow-ey!

Out of the products I am sharing, I have reviewed a couple so will be adding their links too, the rest I will be providing quick details as I go along.

First up is my morning routine!  Since mornings are busy times of the day, I have a fuss-free routine with only the minimum necessities.

#1- Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash:
Since summer means high temperatures, I prefer washing my face with something that will keep the oil at bay without drying out my skin A little bit of exfoliating action too is a bonus and I find this face-wash has me covered in all aspect. Hence, its what I love to use to wake my skin up (yeah, my skin is a diva in that sense, it needs to be woken up!)

#2- Pond's Flawless White Day-cream:
I can't stop raving about this cream. It is the perfect summer day-cream with SPF protection, oil-controlling abilities and also a brightening effect! What's not to love? Read my full review here.

Let's move on to my night routine! I keep my powerhouse products for the night time to allow them to truly soak in and work their magic on my skin whilst I sleep.

#1- Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser:
This helps to get rid of excess oils and prepare my skin for better absorption of hydrating and moisturizing products that are next in line in my routine. Since this is a foaming cleanser, it is gentle and does the job pretty well.

#2- The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum:
After my skin is all clean and ready to be pampered, I apply  just a small amount of this serum and  wait for it to absorb before I move on. This serum is really good and I keep repurchasing again and again. Read my review of this serum here to find out more.

#3- Cuticura Skin + Balance Facial Moisturizer:
Once the serum is absorbed, I go ahead and apply this moisturizer. Its light, doesn't feel greasy, doesn't contain irritating stuff and leaves my skin so soft even when I wake up. I have used this brand's cucumber face wash as well and must say, they make really decent skincare stuff.

#4- Ponds Eye Contour Cream:
Finally, I go ahead and show my eyes some love by applying this eye cream to my eye area. It has such a light texture and amazing fragrance. The skin around my eyes instantly becomes softer and more hydrated. I find that regular application of this helps my eye makeup look better since it gets rid of flaky skin around that area which can cause makeup to crease and look horrible.

A skincare routine is not a routine until you include a weekly pamper session, no? My skin loves to be pampered so I try to fit this routine in once every week.

#1- Nivea Cleansing Cream:
Once a week, I apply this cleansing cream generously to soften up my skin and allow for manual exfoliation. I leave this cream on and then proceed to step #2.

#2- The Body Shop Facial Brush:
Once the cleansing cream has been applied, I use this brush in circular motions and go all over my face, concentrating on where I have dry skin the most so that it gets scrubbed away. This brush has really soft bristles and combined with the cleansing cream, it allows for gentle yet effective exfoliation that makes skin clearer and smoother.

#3- Avon Planet Spa Thermal Mud Mask:
After rinsing my face, I go ahead and apply this amazing mud mask. I love how it heats up when you start to wash it off, giving you that "it's working" feeling. It also has a little bit of grittiness which allows you to slowly scrub whilst it heats up the skin. A very different kind of sensation indeed, don't know how this mask does that but it is pretty cool! For days when I just want a quick fix for my skin, I just apply this mask without any other product beforehand and leave it on for fifteen minutes and then rinse it little by little,thereby activating the warmth factor. This mask works great even on it's own.

So there you have it, all about my summer skincare routine! What is your routine like? Any products you love for this particular season? Comment down below!


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