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Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer/Highlighter Review

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello Beautiful People!
I am here today with a product that I wanted to review for so long but it kept slipping out of my mind. The other day as I did my makeup, I realized it had not been given a proper review on my blog, which is a shame considering I swear by this product as a no-fail under eye concealer.

I am talking about no other than the much loved, much raved about Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer/Highlighter. Did the 2-in-1 part catch your attention? Because it certainly caught mine when I first read about how concealers with a bit of highlighting/illuminating properties not only cover under-eye dark circles but also give the skin a certain healthy look. This makes you look awake and well rested, now who doesn't like that?
Let's get on to the actual details of the product:
What Rimmel Claims:

Skin Tone adapting concealer which:
  • Conceal signs of fatigue
  • Highlight & Illuminate eye area
  • Soft precision brush for the delicate under-eye area
How the Product looks like:

The packaging is a rubber tube with a brush applicator. You press the tube to get the product out and into the bristles of brush and then use the brush to make strokes  wherever you need some highlight/concealing on your face. You can then go ahead and pat this into your skin with your finger, brush or sponge. I use my ring finer for this and I find it works pretty well. Because of the light-reflecting properties, I like how it makes my under-eye area look and I  almost always never apply powder over this. Sometimes, I just use a fluffy eye shadow brush with just a touch of powder when I know I want the concealer to last longer.
Note: The shade names and selection varies from country to country, in the US there are 5 shades whilst in the UK and Pakistan, there are 3 shades. Mine is the third shade which is classic beige. It might look like a very light color which it is, but since this is supposed to brighten and has skin-adapting properties, it works well on my fair skin.
   The limited shade selection is the only downside of this but if you fit around the light to medium skin tone like me then you are in luck. 
   Having used this concealer for the longest time, I can proudly say it has never creased on me though I find that a well moisturized skin is crucial in order to get this product to go on smoothly. It doesn't have any sparkly/shimmery particles so you an apply anywhere to your face and it will instantly brighten that area. You can use this product on the bridge of your nose, around your mouth and also on your forehead just to subtly highlight those areas. 
   Don't apply this over spots and other kind of skin blemishes. A concealer with a heavier coverage is better for those problem areas. This one should be used for your eye area and just to brighten parts of the face since it has light to medium coverage depending on how bad your dark circles are and how much product your build up. I do have dark circles and this gives me medium coverage which I prefer since I just want to make them less visible.
   You can find this product in Rimmel Counters around the country, I suggest you swatch before buying just so you don't pick up a wrong shade. 
   Hope you liked my quick review, comment below if you have tried this product or if you plan on checking it out!
   Until my next post, 
   Take care!

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