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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush Review

Saturday, September 05, 2015

I never thought one brush would change the way I did makeup. In fact, this was an impulse purchase but it's one of my favorite makeup tools and I am going to share why I love the Real  Techniques Expert Face Brush so much in this quick review.

For those who are not aware, the Real Techniques Brand was started by Samantha Chapman also known as "Pixiwoo" (a famous YouTube makeup guru). These brushes are famous worldwide and come with an affordable price tag to match.
Before I had this brush, I used plain latex sponges to put on foundation. They were okay but this brush allows me to do so much beyond applying foundation. Not only do  I use this achieve a flawless finish to my foundation, but I also use it to blend cream blushes as well as for pressing setting powder into specific areas. 

The Bristles are so soft and feel so nice on the skin. They are densely packed and do not shed hair at all even though I have washed it so many times! The bottom of the brush handle is flared, thus this brush can stand on it's own which is a nice feature in my opinion. In the corner is the snapshot of a short DIY dewy skin post that I did on Instagram using this brush.
There are so many other types by Real Techniques, ranging from eye brushes to complete starter kits. If you want professional quality brushes without having to pay so much then I suggest you invest in these. I love this a lot so there is no "pros and cons list" in this post, yay!
You can find Real Techniques brushes online only at the moment. I got my brush for Rs. 1750 at 
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