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First Impressions Of Ben & Sera Skin Care Products

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hello dolls,
Today is going to be a first impressions post about a bunch of skin care products from Ben & Sera which is a Korean brand. I love how Koreans pay so much attention to their skin and I was always curious about what they used to achieve their flawless complexion.
Luckily, I was sent some products to try out by They have a huge variety of Korean sheet masks, serums, creams, basically any skin care product you can think of. Here is what I think about the Ben & Sera samples I received. Continue reading till the end and I will reward you with a discount code :D

Water Light Face Scrub

First up is the face scrub. I was expecting something gritty when I opened the packet. Instead, what came out was a white paste. I was surprised at how can this be a scrub if it had no grittiness? Anyways, I proceeded to massage this into my wet skin and that’s where the magic happened.

Even though this was the smoothest scrub I had ever come across, my skin felt super soft and so supple once I had rinsed it off. On the label it says facial carbon particles scrub and whatever that is, I loved it. Without any grittiness, it managed to scrub my skin and leave it truly cleansed without any dry patches afterwards.

I can see this as a great hit for especially dry skin types. All in all, a great scrub to add to your routine, it is gentle yet effective at the same time hence highly recommended by me.

Water Deep Moisture Cream

After using the scrub above, I then decided to use this cream. It’s winter and my combination skin dries up really bad. This cream looked like petroleum jelly and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But just like the Water light scrub, this cream also gave me a pleasant surprise. It was so light yet moisturizing.

My skin felt amazing after this. Ever heard the saying, comfortable in your own skin? Well, that was how I felt. I couldn’t keep my hands away from my face since it felt so smooth and looked brighter after just one application of this cream.

Now I understand the craze behind Korean skin care, the brands really know how to please their customers. Again, highly recommend this cream, great for all skin types, feels so comfortable on the skin and has a very faint, pleasant fragrance.

ATO-K Sensitive Skin Serum

This is a light-weight serum that is great for areas where you need the extra moisture boost. You can use this before a moisturizer to help keep your skin hydrated longer. The first time I used this, I followed it up with my normal moisturizer and it really did help keep my skin moisturized longer. If you have sensitive skin and need a good serum, then this is a great option.

Anti-Aging Project

This is a whitening serum that is also effective against wrinkles. So you get two benefits in one. It has plant stem cells and Arbutin that helps to keep wrinkles at bay. I don’t have any wrinkles yet but it’s never too late to incorporate anti-aging products. If you need an anti-aging serum then do take a look at this.


This is a whitening cream with an instant brightening effect. It helps to lighten and even out skin tone. It is non-greasy, absorbs quickly into your skin and instantly brightens up your complexion. An amazing cream for those who want to improve their skin tone in safe way without bleaching.

As you can see, Ben & Sera have lots of great products. Currently has 25% off all orders. As promised, here is the code you can use during ordering: SPECIAL25OFFMANILA

It has unlimited usage and is valid until 31 of January, 2016. So go take a look and order before time runs out! Visit Skin18 here in order to avail this offer.

I will be reviewing a bunch of Korean sheets masks too soon, so stay tuned. Until my next post, take care!

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