Get the look: Ashley Benson’s Sultry Makeup (Hanna From Pretty Little Liars)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hi dolls!

Today, I will be sharing my tips and tricks on how to get a celebrity-inspired makeup look. This is my first post in the series and I have decided to settle with Ashley Benson. You have probably seen her in Pretty Little Liars as Hanna. I watch this show on and off occasionally in my free time. However, more than the show itself, I am in love with Hannah’s makeup! Ashley Benson is a great actress but her sense of style and makeup is even more amazing. 

We all know how smokey eyes is the Queen of all makeup looks and Ashley’s version is perfect for even beginners. I try to keep my makeup routine as quick and hassle free as possible and this look is no exception. I will show you how to achieve this makeup look with just a handful of products. You can tweak the colors to your preference, no hard and fast rules there. So lets get started!

  • You can do your base makeup first or after the eye makeup, whatever you prefer. Personally, I like to do my base first so that it gets time to set whilst I go about my eye makeup.
  • Apply some sort of sticky base like a concealer or eye shadow primer to help your eye shadow adhere better to the eyelids. This step is optional.
  • Take a matte black eye shadow and pat the color to your eye lids, don’t cover the whole lid, we need some space to diffuse the color so focus the color more on the first half of the lid nearest to the lash line.
  • With a light hand, apply some of the black eye shadow to your lower lash line as well. Don’t use to much else you will end up with raccoon eyes.
  • Now take a matte brown eye shadow on a fluffy blush and apply that to your crease. Gently work this color towards the eyelid and blend the ends of the black eye shadow together with the brown. This should smoke out the black color.
  • Next, take the brown color and use it to blend out the black in the lower lash line. Then, take the color upwards to meet the eye shadow on your upper lid so that there is no skin showing. 
  • Coat your upper lashes with mascara.
  • Now, apply a natural colored blush for just the slightest bit of color to your cheeks. Every skin tone has it’s own natural shade so use a color that will not be too obvious.
  • For this look, Ashley wears a nude lip color with a coral undertone. Again, use a lip shade that looks natural and does not clash with the eye makeup.

Ta-da! Your sultry look is complete! This was easy, wasn’t it? You can wear this versatile look for lots of occasions and with a variety of outfits.
Hope you liked this post! Which celeb’s look would you like me to break down next? Leave the name or link to the image in the comments below!

Until next time!

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