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Olor 24 Hours Active Deodorant Review

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hi dolls!
We all know how important deodorants are since they help to keep us smelling fresh and pleasant all day long. So today, I will be talking about three new "24 hours active deoodorants" launched by Olor.

These are spray deodorants in metallic cans with plastic lids. I prefer these over the roll-on type since they are handy and you can spritz them quickly all over your outfit. Let me talk a bit more about each of the new fragrances.

Vibrant Violet

This has an Iris and black current scent. It is very sweet-smelling and perfect for those who prefer fruity fragrances. I think this will work great as a daily deodorant during the upcoming spring months.

Glamorous Gold

With lilac and amber, this is my favorite out of all three. It has a pleasant, fresh smell. I can see my self wearing this scent a lot since it oozes a sense of glamour just like its name.

Rosy Raspberry

This has a combo of raspberry and vanilla. The medley of two delightful scents results in a sweet, warm fragrance that is perfect for the colder days. 

Before using these deodorants, make sure to shake well. This will help mix up the product inside. Overall, I am very impressed by these deodorants. Their scents remind me of some expensive perfumes but without the hefty price tag. 

Also, the lasting power is another plus point and I feel they last much longer than other deodorants that I have tried. You can visit Olor’s website as well as their Facebook page. They have a lot of deodorants for both men and women at a great price so do take a look.

Hope you liked this review! Leave your thoughts, comments and questions below.

Until next time!

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